Slashcloud / Attestation

We are very satisfied with the idea conveyed towards the graphic signature of our site. This is the culmination of a long and fruitful dialogue between our company and DARE.SEE. In fact, listening was the centre of our cooperation and DARE.SEE really took the time to understand our core business.

“The result is amazing as the logo, the colours and the typography really correspond to the image that we wished to project to our clients.”


“Several clients have reported to us that they appreciated the site. There have been many more visits, the statistics on the visits have taken off. This has therefore produced many more prospective clients.”

IMG_1635“DARE.SEE’S advice has been precious. Basically, no one in our team has training in communication/marketing. We have in this way acquired many specific communication techniques regarding the web.

A website should be updated dynamically and constantly: This is why cooperation with DARE.SEE is envisaged in the long term. Any new service or product will pass once more between DARE.SEE’S expert hands in order to optimize the impact on clients.”
Hadi Diallo/founder of SLASHCLOUD