Mental Health Europe/ Attestation

“We contacted DARE.SEE with a view to creating a visual identity for our mental health awareness campaign “Each of Us.”
This subject is delicate: combating prejudice and stigmatization of people with psychological problems. We wanted an identity far from the clichés but strong and that has an impact on the wider public, our partners and the big international institutions. Success! Mathilde managed very quickly to identify our desires and very quickly found unanimity within the team.



“Image is primordial and we understood this thanks to this work! From a simple awareness campaign, “Each of Us” has become the new showcase of our organization.”

Ophélie Martin/Communications Manager


Our campaign is seeing real success and I could not cite all the compliments received from our partners and our members across Europe since it was launched!
Mathilde has been able to visually translate the message we wanted to communicate, i.e., the ideas of solidarity, support and living together. The campaign was translated into about ten languages and we are proud to see “Each of Us” available in several European countries, in the media and in the awareness campaigns.

PICTURE-56  “We appreciated her creative process but also the respect for our ideas and the style that we were expecting.”